Rosa Peters / artist


Rosa Peters, visual artist (studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy (2012) and lives and works in Rotterdam).

Her paintings are an ode to different places in time. In her mind she visits locations where she once was or where she may never be. Often Portugal (where she grew up) is her focus, but many other sites in the world are the centre of her attention.
While painting, her thoughts are fed by impressions as if through a camera with a long shutter speed. Painting different layers on top of each other, each layer represents a thought of a carefully selected place. The drying time between the layers of oil paint makes it a long process, creating even more time and an intense focus on the specific spot.
In the process of painting more and more thoughts on top of each other, the semi-transparent layers of oilpaint make the image become blurrier.
The work is a result of her experience and concentration during the long period it takes to work on a painting.
She approaches the place where she is not physically present at that moment from philosophical, geographical, historical and architectural viewpoints.
Her memories and thoughts about the location, the climate and the history of a place also play a part in the realization of the painting.
The paintings are finished when the intensity of the place in mind has vanished, when all possible thoughts have been discussed and processed on the canvas.

© Rosa Peters, Rotterdam 2023