Rosa Peters is a visual artist who studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy (2012) and currently resides and works in Rotterdam.

Her paintings serve as a tribute to various moments in time, capturing the essence of places she has visited or imagines. Frequently, her work is inspired by Portugal, where she spent her formative years, though her artistic focus spans across numerous global locations.

In her creative process, Peters envisions scenes as though viewed through a camera with an extended shutter speed, layering oil paints to reflect her intricate thoughts of meticulously chosen sites. The time-intensive nature of allowing each layer to dry fosters a profound connection and heightened focus on the depicted locale.

As she builds these semi-transparent layers, the resulting image gradually blurs, encapsulating her prolonged engagement and contemplative
journey. Peters’ work intertwines philosophical, geographical, historical, and architectural perspectives, informed by her memories and reflections on a place’s climate and history.

Her paintings reach completion when the envisioned intensity of the place dissipates, signifying that all conceivable thoughts have been explored and conveyed on the canvas.  

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